The Production Company - An Australian-American Alliance
by Blair Singer
Directed by Mark Armstrong

@ Manhattan Theatre Source
177 MacDougal Street NY, NY

November 7th - November 29th, 2008
8:00PM Wednesday - Saturday, 3:00PM Sat
(No show on Thanksgiving)

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The Cast
Alan Michael Szeles*
Kenny Ken Matthews
GG Michael Solomon*
Dicky Chris Thorn*
Bo Bard Goodrich*
Christine Megan McQuillan*

Production Staff
Director Mark Armstrong+
Scene Design April Bartlett
Lighting Design Dan Henry
Costume Design Deanna Frieman
Sound Design Barton Bishop
Fight Director Noah Starr
Stage Manager Jeff Meyers*
Technical Director Erik Grathwohl
Dramaturgical Consultant Jaime Green
Associate Producers Mary Cross, Matt Wolf
Publicity Katie Rosin

*Actors and Stage Manager appear courtesy of Actorsí Equity Association
+Member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, a national independent labor union


"Blair Singer's artful comic drama The Most Damaging Wound... clever, engrossing and skillfully directed by Mark Armstrong. Every character is affectionately drawn... Mr. Singer establishes that although men may be emotional-intimacy greenhorns, their friendships truly are based on love." —New York Times

CRITIC'S PICK! "The cast, under Mark Armstrong's vigorous direction, shows real vitality and comic flair... this is very much an ensemble piece, with Singer's motley assemblage of characters revealing an underlying cohesion. We have no trouble believing that despite the disparate paths they've taken, these are real friends with a long and complicated history." —Back Stage

"'We choose our friends by those who best understand our suffering,' asserts Blair Singer in his very funny and touching new play The Most Damaging Wound... Director Mark Armstrong does an amazing job staging this play in such a tiny playing area. His view of a boys' night out that turns into a rite of passage plays out perfectly... The cast is outstanding!" —

"Wound is a knowing play, with a keen understanding of the nuances of how male friendship develops and morphs over time... Equal parts diverting and riveting, always deeply human, The Most Damaging Wound is easily one of the best plays of the year."—Doug Strassler,

"The result of all this outstanding acting, superb pacing, and impeccable direction is a show that is genuinely surprising. It's also incredibly personal, especially if you're sitting in the first row, stage left, a foot or so from the actors. Armstrong, who has worked in small spaces before, makes the most of the Manhattan Theater Source space" —That Sounds Cool

"Mark Armstrong's direction allows the drama and humor of the piece while keeping it all grounded in so believable and clear a reality that you could chart the rise of the liquor buzz just by how the actors move around the room." —Patrick Lee, Show Showdown

"The script [is] funny, sweet and engaging from beginning to end... everyone in the cast - Michael Szeles, Ken Matthews, Michael Solomon, Chris Thorn, Bard Goodrich and Megan McQuillan - is great. Although it could be argued that this is just a male version of "Sex and the City," it's too well-made, too emotionally honest, too realistic and too effective to be dismissed as just a "chick flick for dudes" for the stage." —James Comtois, Jamespeak

"...The Production Company's excellent staging of The Most Damaging Wound, perceptively directed by Mark Armstrong... It's such a pleasure to see a smartly staged off-off production with a spirited cast under terrific direction." —Moxie the Maven

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